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Who Moved My Pulpit?

Today, I want to inform you of a new book by Thom Rainer. If you want to make a difference with your ministry team, then this book can help you to become the change agents of the church. Change will not happen without the pastor, staff, and elders leading the charge.


Who Moved My Pulpit? may not be the exact question you’re asking. But you’re certainly asking questions about change in the church—where it’s coming from, why it’s happening, and how you’re supposed to hang on and follow God through it—even get out ahead of it so your church is faithfully meeting its timeless calling and serving the new opportunities of this age.

Based on conversations with thousands of pastors, combined with on-the-ground research from more than 50,000 churches, best-selling author Thom S. Rainer shares an eight-stage roadmap to leading change in your church. Not by changing doctrine. Not by changing biblical foundations. But by changing methodologies and approaches for reaching a rapidly changing culture.

You are the pastor. You are the church staff person. You are an elder. You are a deacon. You are a key lay leader in the church. This is the book that will equip you to celebrate and lead change no matter the cost.

The time is now.





Stay in the Light, 1 John 1:7,

Pastor Larry

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Are you leadership material?

Thom Rainer recently posted an interesting article about leadership. He asked 9 questions that are worth investigating.

The nine questions you can ask yourself to determine whether or not you are a leader are:

  1. If others knew my life intimately, would they want to follow me?
  2. Am I uncomfortable with the status quo?
  3. Do I have a picture of a bright future?
  4. Do I see people as God’s gift or as a means to an end?
  5. Is anyone following me?
  6. Am I investing in anyone personally?
  7. If I leave, will the ministry carry on well?
  8. Am I continuing to learn?
  9. Am I accountable to somebody for my godliness?

Stay in the Light, 1 John 1:7,

Pastor Larryfollowership

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