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Making of a Champion

Jesus is Lord. Some of the Seattle Seahawks give their testimonies and credit to Jesus. Awesome video.



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God is at Work

05_Flatbed_1 - APRIL   Original Filename: b1509.jpg

God shows His mighty works by exploding a star in the image titled “The Image of God’s Hand.” Whatever you see here, it is just an image to reminder us and to be aware that God is at work! He is always at work. He always shares His work and it is always amazing. His work is always the greatest! God is always at work. John 5:16-23

Stay in the Light, 1 John 1:7,

Pastor Larry

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Deciding to Forgive

God has a plan to disciple you from His Word. Did you know that? He is the master discipler. He has a structured way of doing that. As we have been learning from our Wed evening studies about forgiveness, James McDonald has challenged us to begin the process of listing people i need to forgive, and people I can’t forgive. These lists will help us as we journey through God’s discipleship plan.

  • Recognize that if forgiveness was easy, then everyone would be doing right away
  • Ask God to help you see yourself as what He longs for you to experience through these sessions and the lifelong process of forgiveness
  • Meditate on how you would prove the truth of this statement: “There are no lasting relationships without forgiveness.”
  • Memorize the following definition of forgiveness and make it a point to ask people this week for their definition. “Forgiveness is the decision to release a person from the obligation that resulted when they injured you.”
  • Share some ways some of you are learning about forgiveness


Stay in the Light, 1 John 1:7

Pastor Larry

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2014 is here. God is already beginning His work at FBC Del Rio, TX. A new adult Bible Study is underway and it is about forgiveness. James McDonald is the presenter in our study. He calls the study, “Have the Funeral.” We are to put the past behind us and bury it so that we can move forward. Forgiveness is not for the one being forgiven, but for the forgiver. It allows a person to be free from the burden of carrying the weight of hurt others have done to them.

Here is a worship video from the song forgiveness by Matthew West

Give forgiveness away and see if you aren’t healed. God says it is for you to forgive since He has forgiven you!

Join us on Wednesdays and allow God to move in our hearts in order for us to move ahead as body of believers!

Stay in Light,

Pastor Larry


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